Hive One ID™ Overview

Hive One ID™ is a unique patented single wireless identity product that can be utilized to identify people, animals and objects. One ID’s with sensors can also be used to monitor predefined attributes related to the person, animal or object it identifies.

Hive One ID™ is the only available single identification solution that can be used across functional silos as it not only provides a unique secure identity but also instructs the reader where to send the identity data to. This enables a single reader to perform multiple functions. One reader can thus identify people for a specific purpose while it also monitors objects in range for another use.

The technology has endless applications, and with a person, the One ID can be used to enable a Self-Sovereign Identity solution. The solution can cover all aspects of the identity holders life including but not limited to national identity, security, medical identity, digital payment & banking, loyalty, access, online digital identity, smart city and smart home applications to mention but a few. One ID can initiate automated location-based services that can trigger a single app on a person’s mobile device. In doing so, provide a simple uniform way to deal with technology while collecting a wealth of authenticated digitally trusted data owned and managed by the person — keeping privacy and security intact.

Watch the video below for a quick overview before you review the detail.

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