The foundation of successful Digital Transformation is practical, secure single identification of People and Things across all aspects of life. The current silo approach to identity and data limit the effective use of new disruptive technologies. Explore new possibilities with us.

Single Identification Solutions

Hive One ID™ technology can be used to identify everything in your world. Collecting authenticated data on every event or interaction in a decentralised protected data storage area that you own and control.

Hive One Id™ identifies people without compromising their privacy. It is your single link to your digital world, linking your assets, devices and dependants. The solution enables a secure and private connection to the digital world.


People own animals and just like assets, requires the ability to manage data generated by animals whether it is domestic animals, livestock or endangered species.

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Digital Trust

Digital Trust is the confidence consumers have in the ability of technology and processes to create a secure and trustable digital world. Hive One ID™ provide the foundational components to build a trusted digital economy.
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Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) describes the digital movement that recognizes an individual should own and control their identity and the data it generates. SSI allows people to interact in the digital world with the same freedom and capacity for trust as they do in the offline world.
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Analyst Opinions

External feedback directed how we developed the Hive One ID™ Solution.

We create innovative identity solutions for organizations, industries and national projects.

Applications and Use-Cases

Hive One ID™ has endless applications. The One ID can be used in conventional silo, industry or national level solutions. The maximum value of the Hive One ID™ solution, however, can only be obtained when it is rolled out as a Single Identity identifying a person, object, device or animal across silos and industries. The benefits of the Hive Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity Model (DSSI) where one person only has one digital and physical identity for all applications provide several benefits not possible with conventional rollouts.