TEchnology lock 01Hive One Id™ Security methodology is included in the Hive One Id™ Identification product but has a business opportunity of its own. This methodology can totally secure all digital data transferred and although the method might be known to hackers the variables used only exist in a specific moment of space and time when the data was transmitted. The application of this technology in the data security industry is enormous.

A new method of data authentication and encryption technology that totally secures all data transferred called Hive One Id™ Security. The authentication and encryption cannot be broken even though the formula will not be a secret. This method on its own can secure any data transferred from point to point and the encryption is unique to that point in time. This method will change the cyber security market.

‘Internet of Things (IoT) is characterized by heterogeneous technologies, which concur to the provisioning of innovative services in various application domains. In this scenario, the satisfaction of security and privacy requirements plays a fundamental role. Such requirements include data confidentiality and authentication, access control within the IoT network, privacy and trust among users and things, and the enforcement of security and privacy policies. Traditional security countermeasures cannot be directly applied to IoT technologies due to the different standards and communication stacks involved.’

Security, privacy and trust in Internet of Things: The road ahead. DISTA, Dep. of Theoretical and Applied Science, University of Insubria, v. Mazzini 5, 21100 Varese, Italy