Self-sovereign identity is independent of any individual silo and provides control, security, and full portability to the identity holder. It removes centralized external control aspects and allows the individual (or organization) to whom the identity pertains complete ownership and control to manage their identity. The individual is their own identity provider managing and controlling a digital record or container of identity transactions containing all personal data, biometrics and event data generated through identity-related interactions. The individual’s digital existence is thus independent of any organization or government.

Hiving Technology developed the first end to end Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity (DSSI) solution. The solution built around the Hive One ID™ (One ID) provides the user with a virtually automated user experience. The One ID identifies the person at a location and on the person’s device of choice, automatically provide information about the location according to preset preferences, or ask for permission to provide data to the location in order to provide the person with the required services.

The current Centralized Silo Identity model; however, leaves people vulnerable as the data collected is held centralized in every silo with no personal ownership or control. These pockets of large volume centralized data are a honeypot for hackers, mainly as the protection of the data depends on the silo owner.

The diagrams below depict the difference between the models:

Centralized Silo Identity Model

People and objects have different identities in the silos they interact with. Each silo manages and controls the identity and data about people how they see fit.
Silo ID

Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity Model

Each person owns, manages and controls their identity and personal data. Identity and personal data are shared with third parties when required to use and discard.
Self Sovereign ID

Hive One ID™ is a unique patented single wireless identity product that can identify people, animals, objects and devices across functional silos linked to a trusted set of data owned by the identity owner. One ID’s with sensors can also monitor predefined attributes. Hive One ID™ is the only identity product that can use readers at any location as the One ID does not rely on the reader to manage the data. Part of the data transmitted from the One ID includes reader instructions, one being where to send the identity data to. A single reader can thus perform multiple functions while ensuring that the One ID data transfers to the identity holders distributed data store. One reader can, therefore, identify people for a specific purpose, and at the same time, also monitors objects in range for another use while distributing the data as per the address on the One ID.

The technology has endless applications. The One ID can replace conventional identities in national identity, security, medical identity, digital payment & banking, loyalty, access, online digital identity, smart city and smart home applications to mention but a few. The One ID can initiate automated location-based services that can trigger a single application on the identity holder’s mobile device, in doing so provide a simple uniform way to service the identity holder while collecting a wealth of authenticated data.

Applications and Use-Cases