Optimise Operations and Innovate with Granular Data

Embedded Hive One ID™ wireless identity and sensor technology unlock the hidden insights that transform your manufacturing, construction, or mining operations. The IDs can be used to identify and monitor various environments, such as work areas, construction sites, factory shop floors, mines, cities, buildings, and farms. It gathers granular location data, event data, equipment condition data, and securely stores it in a decentralised data storage area for further analysis, and visualisation.

Hive One ID™ securely identifies individuals without compromising their privacy. Collecting data about the low-level interactions of people in processes is often neglected, yet it is crucial for improving efficiency, as people can often cause bottlenecks. By using a single Hive One ID™ to identify people, valuable data can be collected for process improvements, accurate input cost, security, safety, time & attendance, and more.


In certain industries, animals are considered assets, necessitating the ability to manage data generated by domestic animals, livestock, or endangered species.

Hive One ID™ Sample Applications

Embedded Industrial Monitoring

Embedding the Hive One ID™ in or on products enables manufacturers or clients to monitor the performance and location of the product or equipment to which it has been added. This provides manufacturers with the opportunity to transition their business from simply selling products to operating a proactive fee-for-service model. The data collected enables manufacturers to create digital twins of their products, which in turn can lead to product improvements.
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Anti-Collision Detection

Understanding the location of people and equipment on a manufacturing shop floor, mine, or construction site is crucial for alerting vehicle drivers and workers in close proximity to safety risks. Real-time location data not only facilitates timely warnings, but also supports a wide range of applications. Analysing this data provides valuable insights that can enhance efficiency, safety, asset utilisation, and overall productivity.
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Analyst Opinions

We developed the Hive One ID™ Solution taking external feedback into account.

Harness the Power of Granular Data for Smarter Manufacturing, Construction, and Mining.

Applications and Use-Cases

In a digital world, the key to true optimisation lies in the smallest details. Introducing low-cost, embedded wireless identification devices with sensors – your gateway to granular data. These tiny powerhouses collect hyper-specific information on location, temperature, vibration, movement, and more, revealing hidden insights that can transform your operations.