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Hive One Id software modules allows solution architects to deploy solutions specific to the application requirements. The following device modules are available:

  • Android Applications
  • PC API’s
  • Server API’s

Data can be logged in a local MySQL database if the application requires such a configuration or directly on a server. Hiving Technology has a number of web dashboards and software options available depending on the application requirements.

Our software applications are no longer a control room or behind the desk solution. Our software is developed to work on any mobile device with access to the internet. The software like our sensory technology makes life easy by giving users access to the information where and when a user intervention is required.

The software streamlines all processes, starting with the activation process on installation. The mobile application allows the technician to update all the details required on site. To take this a step further, the software will gather as much information as possible and get the applicable GPS co-ordinates so that the technician can just complete the required fields while installing the Hive One Id.

Once installed, the user /owner of the device will get a notification should anything out of the ordinary happen. The notification allows the user to open the application then and there using any smart phone or connected device. Action can be taken while as and when required. Escalation is easy and can be done in seconds. Should the user /owner be required to interact with the Hive One Id it can be done there and then via the mobile application.

The software is dashboard driven and the user /owner can get an updated view of all their Hive One Id’s when and where required.