Hive One Id™ is the first technology that can provide every person on the planet with one unique identity for banking and loyalty, national identification and for local identification (home automation, vehicles, keys, medical, access control and more).

Hive provides organizations with the modular OEM technology required to change their business Models with the advent of the Internet of Things. “Smart, connected products offer exponentially expanding opportunities for new functionality and capabilities that transcend traditional product boundaries. The changing nature of products is disrupting value chains and forcing companies to rethink nearly everything they do, from how they conceive, design, and source products; to how they manufacture, operate, and service them; to how they build and secure the necessary IT infrastructure.” Michael Porter and James E. Heppelmann – Harvard Business Review, November 2014

The market growth of this technology is inevitable and predicted to grow rapidly over the next 5 Years by all the reputable research and consulting companies. It is estimated that there will be between 25 and 30 billion devices connected to the internet in 2020. Smart devices are only suitable for some applications but the technology that drives the bulk of the connections did not exist before Hive.

It is very possible to implement a couple of billion Hive One Id™ devices over the next 5 years with the supporting infrastructure and cloud based applications.