Unique Identity System aimed at Businesses & Government

Dubai-headquartered Hive Technology recently introduced Hive One ID. This is a complete single secure identification technology suited to the ‘Internet of Everything’ into the Indian market. Hive One ID has enlisted the expertise of Leo Technosoft, Pune as its distribution strategists.

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Hive is a wireless wonder that is aimed at retail entities, corporations, hospitals, smart cities and government initiatives. It can manage a host of activities in our world, suitable to identify and monitor objects, people and animals, with a single identification across multiple applications. The One ID is totally secure as it broadcasts its data with instructions on what to do with the data at regular intervals. A HIVE reader that is within range can read the data and transfer it as per the instructions encrypted in the One ID databank.


This small wireless identification, carried in the form of a card, watch, or pendant consists of a radio frequency transmitter and a number of sensor modules that enrich the data collected about the object or person. Various sensors are embedded on the One ID to enrich the already endless application possibilities. A movement sensor can, for instance, accumulate movement and activity data, a magnetic or impact sensor can trigger an immediate alarm and a light or temperature sensor monitors environmental factors.


The One ID can be configured to transmit up to 6 data sets of which 2 can be transmitted at the same time. General identification data at a long range and a second data set at a short range. The other data sets can be configured to transmit under certain rule-based conditions. Embedded memory allows additional or locally required information to be stored.


One ID is very energy efficient and allows for various power options, depending on the application. It can be powered by a coin cell light or solar strip or even through kinetic energy. The One ID is fully user configurable with a USB doc. This doc can also be used to read and update the additional One ID memory. The easy to use configuration software is totally secure and allows for individualised encryption of the data using a pin number or biometric identification. Hive Readers receive an instruction set from the data transmitted by the One ID. The Reader is not configured and only executes the instructions received making it suitable to be deployed in existing technologies as OEM or public readers, reading One IDs for multiple applications.

When Readers are required to perform a specific application function, a specially configured One ID called the Location ID is used to provide the reader with additional instructions specific to the location. The Readers require connection to the Internet that enables the transfer of data to the specified location. The HIVE reader in its simplest form transfers data via serial or USB to any PC or Android device. The following network modules can be used to connect the Hive Reader to the Internet – GSM, Wi-Fi, Blue tooth or Ethernet. Our integrated mobile Reader is ideally suited to mobile applications.


Hive Readers can be configured to transmit data to a central network device from where it is transferred to specified data destinations. The hardware is complimented with generic configurable software modules that can be used on Windows, iOS and Android and allow solution architects to deploy solutions specific to a variety of applications. Data can be logged in a local SQL database or transferred directly to the specified destination.


Hive has a number of web dashboards and software options available depending on the application requirements. A patented One ID technology is the only technology of its kind – totally secure and cannot be replicated. Hive One ID is the ultimate private and single identification technology suitable for any identification requirement ranging from banking, national identity to a keyless society.


This technology has the best power, usage, range, advertising rate, data size, cost ratio, ever achieved with wireless technology. The proprietary secure through-the-air data transfer method transmits data ten times faster than similar technology allowing for high-speed data acquisition and the presence of a large number of One Ids in the same area. One ID technology can be deployed to suit virtually any application requirement from simple isolated to highly integrated applications across multiple applications and organisational boundaries. Hive technology can be incorporated in an OEM basis in a variety of electrical and electronic products where manufacturers wish to monitor their products in an operational environment. One ID technology compliments a wide variety of existing technologies, enabling the use of a single identification across multiple applications.