Hive Technology Is named The No.1 Fastest Growing IoT Company in 2016 by Silicon Review

Hive Technology is a company focused on disrupting technologies of today while inventing technologies of tomorrow

Hive Technology: A Pioneer in Secure One Identification Technology

“Hive Technology’s “One Identification” is the first technology that can provide every person on the planet with one unique wireless or ambient identity suitable as national identification and for any other application requiring identification such as banking and loyalty, home and building automation, medical, and more.”

The Internet of Things is connecting objects and devices to the internet but still omits to link people to this new connected world through a single secure and private method. Science fiction and futurists over the last 50 years created images of what the future can look like. Many of these predicted technologies already exist today. One of the common themes predicted as early as the 1970’s has been objects reacting to people or other objects because they can sense the identity of the person or object. Identity is sensed and rule- based actions are automatically triggered. Think about the number of identification devices that people use to interact with their world, physical keys, remote controls, access cards and a number of bank, loyalty and identification cards. With our phones and computers, we interact and identify ourselves to objects through applications.

Wearable devices just add another layer of technology to deal with. All these diverse identification and interaction methods just complicate rather than simplify our world.

The market growth of IoT technology is inevitable and predicted by all the reputable research and consulting firms to grow rapidly over the next 5 years. The biggest gap in the IoT development is a single wireless or ambient identification technology that securely identifies “Things” in both the digital and physical world. Applications will slowly disappear over the next 6 to 10 years while algorithms will take over, seamlessly enabling our world. Already implemented single ambient identity will be a key success factor in this transition.

Hive Technology was established with the foresight that in a connected world, single identification will become a major constraint. The company developed a totally secure wireless/ ambient identification technology that enables single identification across multiple applications, known as Hive One ID. The technology is ideally suited to be implemented as NATIONAL IDENTITY enabling SMART CITY and E-GOVERNMENT initiatives. This technology with its identification and monitoring capability will impact every conceivable part of people’s lives as the world progresses on its technology journey. The Hive single identification technology similarly identifies and monitors objects using the same infrastructure.

“The world is rapidly moving to an era where everything is connected, in this connected world people and objects will be identified ambiently trough a single identification  enabling technology to respond with less and less human interaction until the technology layer we interact with becomes pervasive and virtually disappears.” – Gert Botha, CEO and Co-Founder.


The Vision

The original vision that even predated Hive, as articulated by Terry Ashwin (CTO and Co-Founder), was to develop technology that created an automated keyless society where things around us respond in an integrated fashion.

This vision started the thinking, but very quickly the team realized that this could be very powerful technology in the wrong hands. Through long discussions and brainstorming the Hive team designed methods that will protect privacy and make the technology totally secure. They also realized that with a single identity came the ability to create a single trusted data space where accurate up to date data about the person or object can be stored. This data can be controlled by the owner and access can be secured through the Hive One ID. Once this is implemented privacy and security will be intact and instead of getting bombarded with spam (push notification) people will be able to pull services in a structured organized way as they use Hive One ID in all aspects of their lives. This in return will simplify life and improve the way humans interact with technology dramatically.


Connecting people, animals and objects to the ‘Internet of Things’

Hive One ID connects people, animals and objects to the Internet of Things across multiple horizontal applications, enabling seamless integration between these applications. The technology enables a new way of dealing with data associated with people and objects.

Hive One ID enables:

  •          Single Identification capability to existing products. (Retrofit of OEM) Security and Privacy.
  •          Enhanced Public and Private Services.
  •          Product Lifecycle Management.
  •          Process optimisation.
  •          System and database triggers.
  •          Algorithms to build improved artificial intelligence around a human’s or object’s identity.
  •          Solutions to a myriad business challenges across all verticals.
  •       The Hive team offers partners and clients a history of innovation with a Niche Focus on Secure Single Identification Technology.


A Unique Next Generation Technology

Hive One ID can operate independently or enhance existing technologies with its single identification capability. It enables seamless integration of various technologies into an integrated smart solutions environment ideally suited for National and Local Government initiatives.

The technology poses a very rare and unique opportunity. It is not often that you find a new technology invented to overcome the limitations of the next technology wave with a solid 15-year track record. This product consists of two key parts:

Hive Single Identification Technology is the only technology of its kind with a range of functions and capabilities specifically developed to identify and securely monitor objects and people within the Internet of Things. This totally secure identification technology carries the reader instructions on the single identification device (One ID) and as a result can be read anywhere in the world by any Hive Reader and still transfer the data to the data destination configured on the One ID. This One ID comes in a number of application suitable enclosures and has a number of sensing components built in that makes it the ideal technology to identify and monitor people, animals and objects. In other words, the Hive’s One ID technology is the only identification technology where readers are not application specific. Any reader can read any identification and ensure that the data is transferred to the required destination as pre-programmed on the One ID. Hive’s wireless technology uses proprietary through the air data transfer methods that greatly reduce the challenges experienced with wireless identification technologies to date.

A new method of data authentication and encryption technology that can totally secure all data transferred called Hive One Security (“One Sec”). This authentication and encryption technology is built into the One ID product and cannot be broken even though the formula will not be a secret. This method on its own can secure any data transferred from point to point and the encryption is unique at that point in time for every unique ID.


Touching Clients across Various Verticals

The implementation of Single Identification Technology does not need to start at a specific level or place but can be done from anywhere. Initially it might only address pockets of applications in the industrial, logistic and security sectors but this can later be consolidated as single identification initiatives start to get traction. Once clients realize that one technology can be used across vertical applications using the same infrastructure these pockets will start to expand. Governments are the ideal clients as identification of people starts with a national identification. For this reason, governments can become the largest clients and influencers of single identification technology.


Governments are researching and studying the currently available technologies that can streamline and improve government services as well as reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs. Single identification technology can play an instrumental part in achieving this. Governments are ideal suited as a credible body to issue single identities to citizens. This same identification can then be used across all applications that require secure identification across all aspects of a citizen’s life. Hive One ID is further uniquely suitable for all government related processes across the entire echo system.

  •  Hive One ID helps governments to improve the efficiency of infrastructure and services.
  •  Hive One ID demonstrates the capability of eliminating the bottlenecks that government organizations encounter with the integration of services in SMART CITY initiatives.
  •  Hive Technology as a company has the expertise and credibility to be the right partner for governments in their mission to build Smart Communities and Countries.

Business to Business

Our research has shown that SMART solutions being offered are still not complete in the true sense. The various technology vendors in the IoT space are application based which is leading to managing and maintaining multiple technologies for multiple applications (silos). Hive One ID is perfectly suited to enable businesses in the digital era. Products can not only be identified but also enabled as part of the Internet of Things. The way business identifies and service clients can be streamlined dramatically while very valuable information about client behaviour is collected.

  • Hive One ID built into products (OEM) can give manufacturers secure on demand transmission of status and error messages, directly transmitting the data to the manufacturer without any user application requirement.
  • Hive One ID technology can be very beneficial to business as it can give businesses access to information about all the movement of its assets, equipment and staff.
  • Hive One ID is the only technology that offers a single technology that identifies and monitors people and objects across multiple applications. Hive One ID becomes like a unified layer that enable a myriad of technologies and interactions but with a single ID.
  • Not only can manufacturers embed the technology as an OEM but independent solution providers can also utilise it for SMART initiatives.

 General Public

Single Identification Technology is ideal for the general public as it simplifies the way we interact with our world significantly. Hive One ID allows people to secure their data and keep their privacy intact. Privacy is becoming increasingly difficult to protect as more and more devices like mobile phones and wearable devices record data about people in various applications and for various purposes all over the globe. Managing this in future will become impossible. Single Identification on the other hand provides new possibilities in securing and protecting personal data. Imagine a world where we can request information or services by choice rather than getting bombarded by spam and unsolicited advertisements.

Global Footprint

Hive Technology is a privately owned UAE company, situated in Dubai with subsidiaries in Johannesburg, South Africa and Co Meath, Ireland.


Future Road Map

 Technology: The Hive Single Identification technology is already very efficient but the Hive R&D team under supervision of Terry Ashwin is currently in the process of making the technology even more efficient and their development is focused in the following areas:

  • Currently, the technology has very low power consumption, but wheels are already in motion to speed up the data transmission even more that will reduce the power consumption by half making it possible to power the One ID from the energy created by the human body.
  • The Hive One ID transmits radio frequency data but is configured through LED light. The ability to update data on the Hive One ID with light opens up a number of additional possibilities to enhance the functionality even further.
  • OEM options currently exist but in some instances might require custom development.
  • Although the Hive One ID is already small, the R&D team envisages a requirement to further miniaturize the technology.

 Go to Market: The Company seeks to develop the Hive partner distribution network globally by adding high quality system integrators and consulting partners to its existing partner community.

Strategic Partnership: Hive requires strong strategic partnerships with the large technology firms to not only integrate the technology in existing products but to establish a new standard.


Meet the Leadership Team

Gert Botha, CEO and Co-Founder –Gert is an experience IT and Management Consultant with the ability to think and explore outside the conventional box. He believes that the only way to change companies and the world we live and work in is to re-create and build what we want it to be through new exciting innovative ideas, practices and products. Gert stays abreast of technology trends and consults with CIOs, CMOs & CEOs on technology strategy and how to use technology to innovate client service delivery.

Gary Webster, CFO and Co-Founder – Gary is a seasoned international businessman who built a number of successful businesses in various industries, regions and countries to date.

Brendan McNally, Director and Co-Founder –Brendan is a seasoned businessman in Ireland. He has built various successful international businesses to date.

“ Our technology – ‘Hive One ID’ is a revolutionary solution ideally targeted and suited to further enhance and enable SMART CITY, SMART GOVERNMENT and IoT initiatives. This technology can provide every person on the planet with ‘one’ unique identity applicable across multiple applications such as; national identification, banking and loyalty, healthcare, hospitality, home and office automation and more; thus creating an integrated keyless and cardless smart society.”  Director- Strategic Business


Clients Speak

“This is one of those products that make you wonder how it will impact the world. The fact that it is secure and private in its design gives me hope that we will after all still be able to retain some privacy.” – Lisa White, Technology Lecturer

“Hive’s seemingly simple product can revolutionize the way we interact with technology for the better.” – Technologist