Hive Technology will be Exhibiting at IoTX

Hive Technology is privately owned UAE company formed in 2015, situated in Dubai with subsidiaries in South Africa and Ireland, which developed, patented and own the Single Identification Technology. Hive Technology was established with the foresight that in a connected world, single identification of all objects and people will become a major constraint.  The company thus set out to develop a totally secure wireless technology that enables single identification across multiple applications, known as Hive One ID.

Hive One ID can operate independent or enhance existing technologies with a single identification capability. Ensuring seamless integration of various technologies into an integrated smart solutions environment, ideally suited for National and Local Government Initiatives. This technology can provide every person on the planet with ‘one’ unique identity applicable across multiple applications such as; national identification, banking and loyalty, healthcare, hospitality, home and office automation and more. Creating an integrated keyless and cardless smart society.

A Singular Focus on providing Secure Single identification technology that connects people, animals and objects to ‘Internet of Everything’ across multiple applications. Hive ONE ID is the only single identification technology available in today which is Wireless, Secured and Private.