Visitor & Contractor Tracking


Offices and installation sites have the same problem around visitors/ contractors that arrive, and wonder into areas where they should not be. Hive One Id has developed technology, which will curb this problem, and track the whereabouts of visitor contractors and staff, moving into unauthorised areas of buildings.  The information gathered in real time, will assist security in alleviating the problem immediately, providing extra safety, also making these buildings less attractive to would be criminals and vagrants.


  • Upon commencement of service/ arrival the contractor/ visitor will receive a Hive One Id - the Hive One Id can be built into an ID card. The card will allow the contractor/ visitor access to a specific area, or areas, Hive One Id Readers will be strategically placed within the confines of the building, creating defined zones.
  • These zones will be specific to certain areas around the building. The Hive One Id Reader sends the information to a server. Should the contractor/ visitor be in a different zone to what was requested an alarm will be sent to the guards/ control room in the building.
  • As the contractor/ visitor walks around the building moving from one zone to another, he/ she will be tracked in real time and the information will be available in the control room in order to guide the security guard.
  • This Hive One Id infrastructure can also be used to track employees and valuable assets such as vehicles, equipment and laptops. The technology can be used for monitoring attendance/ automated timekeeping, parking and billing.
  • Hiving Technology can be integrated into any other business application depending on the client requirements.

People Monitoring

Hiving Technology offers a silent and secure architecture. The technology works with existing detection systems to provide a robust solution to identify the presence and location of contractors/ visitors/ personnel.  Zoned areas will prevent unauthorised access.


Visitor & Contractor Monitoring 1










Asset Management

Hive One Id is ideal for automated asset management. As soon as the asset is moved, the asset register will automatically be updated.  The Hive One Id transmits its ID every 3 to 5 seconds and will be read by the Hive One Id Reader placed in the zone where the assets are located. The data is updated on a central database from where the companies' asset register is automatically updated.

Hive One Id  is equipped with tamper-proof detection and will create an alarm should the monitor be removed or tampered with.

Assets can be tracked through service and repairs.

Reporting is based on live real-time information.

Visitor & Contractor Monitoring 2



Click on the link below to view the document online.

  • Technology Comparison – Compare the technology to Bluetooth LE, Active RFID and Passive RFID.
  • Example Application Brochure – Comprehensive brochure of application examples possible with the technology.
  • Hive One Id use free band frequencies (433.92Mhz and 868.12Mhz) commonly used for vehicle remotes. These free bands do not interfere with Medical Equipment.


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