Monitoring School Children


  • Hive One Id can record the movement of school children or any other vulnerable members of society providing valuable real-time data.
  • It can also protect children from entering restricted areas.
  • A child that is static in one position without normal movement for longer than a set time will immediately create an alarm. (E.g. Child sleeping in the bus)
  • It can track children by using the GPS co-ordinates of the readers to show real time visibility of the child's position all the time. Co-ordinates on fixed readers are assigned and mobile readers on busses for instance will update as the bus moves.
  • By installing Hive One Id on School Busses, personnel will be able to make sure that all children that were on the buss are safely in the classroom / school premises.
  • Co-ordinates can be assigned where children are allowed to be dropped off. Should the child leave the bus in any other position the parents and driver could immediately receive an notification.
  • Children seen by any other public or private readers deployed for other uses will update the child’s position on the same database and create the necessary alerts.

Children Monitoring

Hive One Id can be used to track & safe guard children and any other vulnerable members of society in a non intrusive manner. Hive One Id can be built into a device that can be worn by the child such as a watch / bracelet or pendant.  It can also be built into an ID Card that can be worn around the neck.

School children can automatically be tracked for safety and attendance.

The same device can be used to identify children for example for access control, to check out books in the library and more.

Schoolbus 1

Children Monitoring 

Schoolbus 2

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