Airport Asset & Staff Monitoring

  • Protecting an airport’s infrastructure assets and the management / tracking of the staff are two vital aspects in the management of any airport as these aspects both have an adverse impact on the surrounding environment, the general day to day running of an airport and the overall experience of the passenger.
  • Managing a myriad of airport assets whilst maintaining complete accountability for maintenance of runways, taxiways, lighting, terminals, facilities, baggage handling equipment, gates, HVAC, and other assets is a daunting task.
  • With Hive One Id™ assets are visible / traceable in real time which protects assets and enables efficient scheduling and maintenance.
  • Wireless people tracking can record staff movement, providing valuable data. It can also protect restricted areas from unauthorised entry.


Hive One Id™ is ideal for automated asset management. As soon as the asset is moved, the asset register will automatically be updated.  The Hive One Id™ transmits its ID every 3 to 5 seconds and will be read by the Hive One Id™ Reader placed in the zone where the assets are located. The data is updated on a central database from where the asset register is automatically updated.

Hive One Id™ is equipped with tamper-proof detection and will create an alarm should the monitor be removed or tampered with.  Assets can be tracked through service and repairs. Reporting is based on live real-time information.

Airport Asset Management Picture1



High value equipment is fitted with a Hive One Id™ GSM/GPS.  While the device is in a safe zone it will report via RF to the reader in the zone.  Once removed from a safe zone the device will start to transmit GPS co-ordinates via the cellular network to a database.

Tagged equipment that is not allowed to be removed from the airport will transmit an update as it moves from zone to zone.  If removed from the zone it will trigger a physical alarm at the exit.


Hiving Technology’s wireless Hive One Id™ can track people in real time, providing instant information on attendance and location.

Airport Asset Management Picture2


Click on the link below to view the document online.

  • Technology Comparison – Compare Hive One Id™ technology to Bluetooth LE, Active RFID and Passive RFID.
  • Example Application Brochure – Comprehensive brochure of application examples possible with the technology.
  • Hive One Id™ use free band frequencies (433.92Mhz and 868.12Mhz) commonly used for vehicle remotes. These free bands do not interfere with Airport Equipment.

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