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The possibilities of Hive One Id are endless and will set a new standard in various application domains. Hive One Id is the first technology that can provide every person on the planet with one unique identity for banking and loyalty, national identification and for local identification (home automation, vehicles, keys, medical, access control and more).

The same technology can also be utilised to identify and sense object attributes or activities. Although technology in this class exist that can perform the majority of examples there is no technology available that can easily be configured to perform all these functions with the same modular base that also has the attributes as discussed above.

The brochures are structured to give an idea regarding possible applications, focusing on the following areas:

      • Single Electronic Identification
      • Engineering & Construction
      • Logistics
      • Infrastructure Management
      • Locks & Counters
      • Security
      • Asset Management
      • Retail
      • Events Management
      • Home Systems
      • Animal Tracking
      • PC Access Control & Data Protection
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