Bassid dog

Whether you want to track domestic livestock or endangered species, Hiving Technology’s flexible, easy to install wireless architecture makes it ideal for animal tracking.  All tracking information is real time and GPS co-ordinates can be included.  Hiving Technology has a GSM tracking device with an extremely long battery life that is ideal to track animals as soon as they move out of a safe zone.

Hive One Id Beacon technology is the only One Identification with a range of functions and capabilities specifically developed for the Internet of Things. This totally secure identification technology carries the reader instructions on the One Identification tag and as a result can be read anywhere in the world by any Hive One Id Reader and still update the data on the preprogramed destination. This One Identification tag has a number of sensing components built in, that make it an ideal technology to identify and monitor animals.

Hive One Id is an extremely small device that can be built into custom enclosures e.g. collars to suit the species that needs to be tracked. Hiving Technology can be monitored and controlled directly via the internet or via enabled mobile devices.