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Hiving Technology is a technology innovation & consulting business head-quartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with regional offices located in Ireland the UK and South Africa. We design and develop a range of innovative products and methods that impact the world and the environment as we know it. With this in mind we assist companies in formulating technology strategies that allow them to benefit fully from the digital age that we are rapidly entering. This is where innovation and the search for new solutions are continuously brewing and being materialized.

Our vision is to be the best identity technology invention company globally. Our global operating model is designed to ensure that its customers receive consistent, efficient and cost effective services with client intimacy, sound industry knowledge and unwavering focus on result oriented consulting and cutting edge adaptation of technology that is the hallmark of the Hive culture.

Management Team

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Why Hiving Technology?


35 Year Track Record

The development that underpins the Hive One Id™ products started 35 years ago with the inventor's vision of what we call the "Internet of Things" today. Developing wireless products that overcome the perceived limitations of the technology is a fine art that took many years to master.


Patented New Technology

The Hive One Id™ technology and methods are the first totally secure single identification technology with a configurable protocol that instruct's the reader of the data where to transfer the data too.


The only ONE ID Technology

Currently all identification technology is application specific and the verification data is owned by the organisation that issued the identification technology. The Hive One Id™ technology is the only identification technology suitable to identify people and objects across functional and organisational boundaries.


Support Multiple Standards

Hiving Technology does not comply too any set of standards but can comply to all standards as the technology is totally user configurable and thus makes provision for all standards. The One ID product transmits multiple strings of data under different conditions and can therefore comply to more than one standard should it be required.


Security & Privacy

Hive One Id™ technology is totally secure and can be uniquely encrypted for every Hive One Id™. Every Hive One Id™ has unique attributes and can not be replicated or copied. The Hive One Id™ data can be used in local solutions but will transfer to the data destination in the encrypted format from where the owner of the data can decide who sees what.



The Hive One Id™ is totally configurable. The configuration can be fused after initial configuration or can be partially reconfigured during its life. Over and above the Hive One Id's configurable data pages it can also have additional memory that can be used to store biometric and other data that pertaining to the object.